Attention: Independent Film Makers, Directors & Producers...Read Every Word Below! 

Attention: Independent Film Makers, Directors & Producers...

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October 10th - 13th, 2024
What The Film Industry Doesn't Want You To Know About Succeeding As An Indie Filmmaker
25+ Film Industry And Screenwriting Experts Reveal The Strategies That Will Guide You Through Every Step Of The Filmmaking Process And Make Your Film Into A Cinematic Masterpiece
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What The Film Industry Doesn't Want You To Know About Succeeding As An Indie Filmmaker
Starts October 10th, 2024
You can't afford to miss this one!
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25+ Film Industry And Screenwriting Experts Reveal The Strategies That Will Guide You Through Every Step Of The Filmmaking Process And Make Your Film Into A Cinematic Masterpiece

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Our 25+ Filmmakers, Screenwriters And Producers Will Share Their Expertise On...
The Indie Film Method Behind A New Generation Of Sundance Sensations
Unlock the secrets that are catapulting indie filmmakers into the spotlight. Discover how you can join the ranks of celebrated directors without compromising your artistic vision.
From Struggling Filmmaker To Acclaimed Artist In Just 90 Days
Transform your filmmaking career with a proven roadmap to success. Gain the knowledge and strategies you need to make your mark in the indie film world.
The Worst Thing You Can Say To An Investor When Pitching Your Indie Film
Secure the funding your film deserves by avoiding this critical mistake. Learn the language that speaks directly to investors and gets them excited about your project.
Budget-Saving Filmmaking Technique Indie Directors Swear By
Stretch your indie film budget further than you ever thought possible. Master the cost-cutting secrets that will allow you to allocate more resources to your creative vision.
Key Factors That Separate Breakout Indie Hits From Hard Drive Flops
Understand the crucial element that can make or break your indie film's success. Gain insights into what audiences and industry gatekeepers are really looking for.
Effortless Approach To Crafting Compelling Stories That Attract Top Talent
Discover the storytelling framework that will have A-list actors clamoring to be a part of your indie film. Create a script that stands out and gets the attention it deserves.
Indie Film Distribution Strategy That Turns Unknown Directors Into Rising Stars
Navigate the complex world of indie film distribution with a plan that gets results. Learn how to get your film in front of the right audiences and decision-makers.
How To Sidestep The Fatal Errors That Doom Most Indie Films
Ensure your indie film avoids the common pitfalls that lead to failure. Arm yourself with the knowledge and foresight to overcome any obstacle that stands in your way.
And if that wasn’t enough, the wisdom that could be yours in just moments from now will give you the exact processes and strategies to...
Skillfully navigate the complex world of indie film financing, securing the necessary funds to bring your vision to life
Confidently lead a talented cast and crew, fostering a collaborative and creative environment on set
Efficiently manage your time and resources, ensuring the film stays on schedule and within budget
Strategically craft a compelling script that showcases your unique voice and resonates with audiences
And so much more!
Masterfully execute your creative vision, delivering a visually stunning and emotionally powerful final product
Successfully navigate the film festival circuit, securing prestigious screenings and award recognition
Expertly negotiate distribution deals that maximize your film's reach and revenue potential
Effectively promote your film through innovative marketing techniques, building buzz and anticipation
Meet Your Summit Host 
Carl Rimi
Carl Rimi is a seasoned stand-up comedian with a remarkable 28-year career, celebrated for his performances in comedy clubs nationwide and on cruise ships across the globe. He's made his mark with appearances on Comedy Central, ABC, NBC, ABC Family, and Netflix.

In 2013, Carl's creative drive led him from the stage to the world of independent filmmaking. He ventured into acting, writing and producing, finding a deep passion for creating captivating stories on the silver screen.

With the founding of Drimi Pictures in 2019, he embarked on a mission to produce high-quality, high-concept, low-budget films that resonate with mass audiences. His debut feature film, "iPossessed," a gripping psychological horror thriller, showcases his exceptional talent as both an actor and a filmmaker.

Carl Rimi continues to carve a unique path in the entertainment industry, captivating audiences with his boundless creativity and dedication to the art of storytelling.
Tami Lee Boothby
Tami Lee Boothby’s independent  film career began in 2019 when she was asked to help produce, write, and star in the psychological horror thriller iPossessed. Although it’s not set to release until Sept. of 2024, she quickly landed another lead role in the upcoming film Executioner, after the producers saw her at a test screening for iPossessed and were blown away by her onscreen presence and talent.

Tami also has her own story to tell. Overcoming breast cancer in her twenties, Tami unraveled a government cover-up linked to a nearby nuclear weapons facility that ultimately took the lives of her mother and sister. Her upcoming book delves into her personal journey, exposing the truth and shedding light on the widespread suffering endured.

Prepare to be inspired by Tami Lee Boothby, a woman who fearlessly confronts adversity, and envisions a future where her book becomes a script, her script becomes a movie, and her story inspires the world.
Here's What You'll Learn
...From  Our World-Class Experts And Consultants!
Carl Rimi and Tami Boothby
Trial And Success
We kick off the event with our hosts and their story of how they wrote, produced, and starred in their first feature film and successfully obtained distribution. Gain insight into their process, and be inspired by their courage to start, their unwavering commitment to do whatever it takes to finish while overcoming obstacles, and their journey to creating the highest standard of filmmaking within their means
Tom Malloy
Funding Your Dream Film & Mastering Gatekeeper Diplomacy
Discover the secrets to captivating investors with compelling pitches and investment proposals while crafting realistic budgets. Delve into alternative funding sources and networking strategies, as our expert unveils creative approaches to forging genuine industry connections.
Jason Horton
Making Your Movie Profitable Without Recognizable Stars
Tune in for insights into minimizing financial risks to ensure profitability of your film. Unpack distribution options, like using distributors vs. aggregators and platforms like FilmHub, and the nuances of payouts and algorithms on streaming services,  as well as crowdfunding strategies, empowering filmmakers to navigate the landscape of independent film profitability with confidence and savvy.
Tracy Gray
Casting Your Film: Making Your Stars Align
Learn the casting process, differences between casting directors and agents, and strategies for selecting quality talent. Gain essential tips on navigating acting reels, balancing star power with project integrity, and fostering positive actor-director dynamics, equipping you with the tools to assemble a stellar cast for your film.
Matthew Dykes and Hope Daley
Locations, Permits And Permissions: Fix It In Pre
Embark on a thrilling journey through the world of film locations, permits, and permissions. Discover how to secure stunning visuals, overcome challenges, and build lasting relationships with local communities. 
Javier Mayol and Austin Sarver
Syncing Visions: The Quest For The Right Film Editor
Our two experts will navigate essential topics such as finding the right editor, strategies for aligning visions with editors, and the challenges of director-editor dual roles, providing filmmakers with invaluable insights to streamline the editing process and empowering filmmakers to craft their stories with clarity and impact.
Jadon Cal and Jake Jalbert 
Collaboration And Vision: The Making Of A Great Film
Two young visionary filmmakers reveal their funding strategies, the evolution from producing a first to a third film, and tactics for overcoming challenges in filmmaking. Get the inside scoop on the importance of a collaborative team, the synergy between director and DP, and creative approaches to casting a celebrity, empowering you to navigate the highs and lows of filmmaking.
Nicolas Jullian
The Hard Truth About What You CAN'T Fix In Post
Here we will discuss common misconceptions, the art of capturing high-quality footage, and understanding the limitations of post-production magic. Discover how to strike the right balance between production excellence and leveraging post-production tools effectively to elevate your film to the next level.
Joe Dain
Filmmaking: The Delusion IS Real
Brace yourself for a stark warning about the harsh realities of the industry, stressing the critical need to understand the business side and revealing the unforgiving truths of film distribution today. Gain invaluable insights into market challenges, predatory distributor demands, and the filmmaker's pivotal role in film success, arming yourself to navigate the industry's treacherous terrain with clarity and resilience.
Paul Jefferys
Don't Skimp On Sound! Tips, Trick And Hacks To Avoid ADR Hell
Uncover the secrets to achieving top-notch production sound as we explore essential tips and tricks for capturing pristine audio on set. From cost-effective hacks to communication with sound departments, this guide will empower you to prioritize sound quality and select the right professionals and equipment for your projects.
Glen Reynolds
Getting Distribution
Discover the differences between producer reps and sales agents, the challenges of submitting to distributors without representation, and  legal considerations like intellectual property protection. Gain insights into the choice between self-distribution and traditional distribution, the importance of legal representation, and the impact of recognizable names on sales.
Dave Chmela 
Post-Production Sound: When You Are Ready For The 5.1
We will explore the ideal timing for the final 5.1 mix, strategies for handling irreparable sound issues, and the role of AI in modern post-production sound workflows. Gain invaluable insights into the daunting process of budgetary considerations and sound workflow, ensuring filmmakers are equipped to elevate their projects with pristine post audio experiences.
Michael LaMorte and Mike Williams
Surrender To The Music, Your Film Deserves It
Learn how to prepare for music in your film, the advantages of independent versus mainstream artists, pricing dynamics, and the transformative impact of having a soundtrack. Gain perspectives on communication between director and music supervisor, the lifespan of songs, and the benefits of tracks versus live recordings, guiding you to elevate your film through the magic of music.
Clayne Crawford
Indie Filmmaking: We Don't Do It For The Money
Hollywood actor talks about his inspiration behind indie filmmaking as he shares his insights into the importance of supporting indie cinema, discovering unique stories, navigating film incentives, and his deep-seated commitment to storytelling.
Jaysen Buterin
Preparing Your Film For Distribution, What You Need To Know
Join us as we navigate through crucial questions, from understanding deliverables and quality control essentials, to equipping you with the knowledge and insights needed to ensure a seamless transition from production to distribution. Delve deeper into topics such as E & O insurance, music licensing, and logo compliance, empowering you to navigate the distribution landscape with confidence and precision.
Brian McGee
Storyboard: A Blueprint For The Director
Discover the pivotal role of storyboards in filmmaking, from aiding communication between director and cast to influencing the overall vision. Gain insights into its application for pitch decks, as well as across different genres and stages of  filmmaking, empowering you to harness the benefits of storyboarding in your own projects.
Rosa Camero
Developing Your Film Marketing Strategy
Our expert will discuss the essential components of a comprehensive marketing plan, from analyzing successful campaign examples to defining budget allocations, audience targeting strategies, and the pivotal role of a captivating film title. Gain invaluable insights and practical strategies to develop a robust marketing blueprint that will elevate your film's visibility and impact in today's crowded market landscape.
Erick Schroder
Film Scoring: The Art Of Elevating Your Audience's Emotional Experience
Immerse your audience in a symphony of emotions as we delve into the art of film scoring. Gain insights into the impact of scoring on storytelling, explore the creative process, collaboration with directors, overcoming challenges, and the evolving role of technology in modern film scoring.
Jose Javy Ferrer
Don't Ask Your Wife: Gear You Should Own And Gear You Can Rent
Advice on purchasing versus renting gear, must-have items for filmmakers, cost-saving strategies, and insurance necessities. Learn tips and tricks on app usage, pre-purchase research, and cautionary tales that will empower you to make informed decisions and optimize your filmmaking toolkit.
Michael Burnett
SFX vs CGI: The Pros And Cons Of Practical
Explore the world of practical FX, from sourcing skilled practical FX artists to the importance of seamless communication with directors, offering practical insights into testing procedures, preparation timelines, and budgeting considerations, equipping you with the knowledge to navigate the complexities of practical effects.
Justin Superstar
Documentary Filmmaking: Finding The Soul Of The Story
Founder of Indy Mogul talks about documentary filmmaking and what inspires him. Learn to navigate the challenges of wearing multiple hats on set, and the art of directing in the edit. Also gain his invaluable insights into the definition of success and building a supportive network.
Devon Bray
Learn To Produce Rather Than Consume
Be inspired by our interview with a multifaceted filmmaker, delving into the essence of indie filmmaking and the power of serving others. Discover this filmmaker's unique journey, from personal vision to harnessing the evolving landscape of digital distribution, all while mastering the art of versatility and embracing the future of film technology.
Jason Brubaker
Digital Marketing: Moving Beyond Vanity Metrics
Navigate the indie film landscape as a startup, share strategies for minimizing financial risks, and explore the power of YouTube marketing. Discover the value of short-form content, the importance of real subscribers, and actionable tips for audience-targeting on a limited budget, empowering you to maximize your film's reach with digital marketing.
Pat Mitchell
Going The Film Festival Route
Find out how an emerging filmmaker got his short film into 300 film festivals and garnered 255 awards. Discover winning strategies, aligning with festival collaborators, finding reputable festivals, and maximizing opportunities while avoiding common pitfalls.
Zack Judson
VFX: Bridging The Gap From Marvel To Small Indie
Former Marvel VFX artist will dissect the contrasting processes of VFX in major Marvel productions versus indie films, explore the evolution of VFX and the impact of AI on the industry. Also giving his insights into problem-solving strategies, effective pre-shoot planning, and the saturation of VFX in modern cinema. 
Love Richards
Screenwriting: Uncovering Stories That Resonate
Explore the intricacies of character development, navigating feedback, and embracing criticism with resilience and growth. Gain invaluable insights into genre bending, budget considerations, collaborative writing, and finding your writing "why," empowering you to inspire and captivate audiences with your stories.
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